7 Tips For Finding Online Deals

By Christopher Russell

In an economic downturn it is important to become a frugal shopper. There are many ways to avoid paying full price for the things you need, but here are seven money saving shopping tips that will help you in a good or bad economy.

1. Research and Know Exactly What You Need:

Whether it's a camera, bookshelf, or TV, make sure you do some research before buying. Learning about specific products and brands, decreases the chance that you will make an uninformed impulse purchase. Research will also help you recognize a good deal when you see it. Get The Most Up To Date Discounts On Corel Software By Clicking Here!

2. Shop Patiently and Plan Ahead:

The best sales occur during certain times of year. Occasions like holidays and the end of seasons are great times to shop. To take advantage of these opportunities, plan ahead and give yourself time to find a bargain. If you know you're going to need a new winter coat next year, start looking for it at the end of winter or in early spring.

3. Always Price Compare:

The web has made it easier than ever to compare prices for products and services. With just a few clicks of you're mouse you can browse price comparison sites or the actual websites of competing merchants. Some price comparison websites have the added bonus of providing merchant and product reviews.

4. Use Discount and Coupon Websites:

By locating and displaying thousands of online deals and coupon codes, these sites take some of the work out of bargain hunting. Before you're ready make a purchase, just do a web search using the merchant name or product name with words like coupon code or promotion (i.e. "Widget Factory coupon code" or "digital camera promotions"). The search will return several websites where you might find a coupon code or deal that provides extra savings. Checkout a few of these sites, because some have better offers than others.

5. Join Merchant Email Lists:

If you don't mind getting a few marketing emails each month, being on their email list is a good way to get the best deals from a merchant. Emailing current and potential customers is the most cost effective way to market products. Because this form of marketing is so effective and affordable, merchants often include the best promotions.

6. Submit an Incomplete Order:

Sometimes when you start an order on a website and don't finish it, you get offered a discount to complete that order. Some companies will prompt you with a discount when you try to navigate to another website and others may send a discount email within a few days of noticing your incomplete order. As the competition to get customers on the web increases, this type of thing will become more common. This is one more reason why it pays to be patient when shopping.

7. Just Ask for a Deal:

If all else fails, just contact a merchant and ask if they have any current deals that would apply to the item that you want to purchase. It doesn't hurt to ask, and it is very possible that they will do whatever they can to get you to purchase.

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